About Mentor

TM Training and Development Institute Private Limited

  • Market Research Initiatives (MRI)
  • Educational Excellence Initiatives (EEI)
  • Neo Activity Initiatives (NAI)
  • Training & Development Initiatives (TDI)
  • Optimum Brand Management Initiatives (OBMI)
  • Recruitment & Selection Initiatives (RSI)

(Skill Development Centre)

Is an intuitive initiative to develop the essential skills of academic and corporate world which are required for the survival in the contemporary robot – ridden professional world. In plain prose, THE MENTOR is sort of SKILL DEVELOPMENT CENTRE (SDC) with a considerable difference and this SDC is a venture of TM Training and Development Institute Private Limited.

THE MENTOR is committed to extend its services in the name of different baskets (described below) to the Academic Associate(s) and Corporate Associate(s) in the realm of Skill Development with an objective to enhance and expand the horizon of required skill-sets.

TM is committed to extend the contribution in the realm of qualitative education and employment with an intention to create a unique identity in the context of School / Institute Development Initiatives (S/I D I).

Market Research Initiatives (MRI)

Objective: To trace the true picture of the School and to utilize the findings for Short Term and Long Term importance.

  • Sample Selection & Sample Size (Geographic, Demographic, Psychographic Segmentation)
  • Process / Execution
  • Collation of Survey Findings
  • Actionable Priorities (Short Term and Long Term)
  • Action Plan

Educational Excellence Initiatives (EEI)

Objective: To uplift the standard of the education and set the benchmark.

  • Quality Policy & Dissemination
  • System & Processes / Policies
  • Affiliation & Accreditation
  • Curriculum Development
  • Academic Ambience

Neo Activity Initiatives (NAI)

Objective: To provide a platform to the talent to fly high in the sky of success and happiness.

  • Curricular Activities
  • Co-curricular Activities
  • Extra-curricular Activities
  • Workshops
  • Conferences

Training & Development Initiatives (TDI)

Objective: To train and develop the human resource to keep pace with the modern world.

  • Principal / Director Training & Development
  • Teacher Training & Development
  • Non-Teaching Staff Training & Development
  • Student Training & Development
  • Parent Training & Development

Optimum Brand Management Initiatives (OBMI)

Objective: To plan, create and maintain an overall Image of the Institution/School among every single person associated directly or indirectly.

1. Above The Line (ATL) Media:

It covers large group of people covering variety of demographical and socio-economical segments. Communication is decided keeping the interest of masses in mind e.g. Newspaper Advertising, Hoardings, Banners etc.

2. Below The Line (BTL) Media:

BTL medium targets specific group of people having similar set of interest and need. Communication is prepared to cater specific objective
e.g. Leaflets, Banners, Wall Paintings, Personal Meetings, Presentations etc.

3. Social Media Management

  • Effective and Efficient Use of Social Media.
  • Impactful Mode of Showcasing the Strength and Expertise.
  • Bridging the Gap between School and Parents.
  • Top of the Mind Brand Recall.

Recruitment & Selection Initiatives (RSI)

Objective: To strengthen the manpower management for proper and professional functioning of the School.

  • Staff Database Management
  • Conduction of Interviews
  • Job Analysis
  • Sourcing, Screening & Selection
  • Job Retention